Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Magic History Conference comes to L.A.

Houdini trunk at the 2007 conference
The Los Angeles Conference on Magic History begins today at the Beverly Garland Hotel in Studio City, CA. Started in 1989, the biennial invitation only event is co-hosted by Mike Caveney, John Gaughan and Jim Steinmeyer. Magic historians from around the world gather to hear lectures, watch performances and share memorabilia related to aspects of magic history.

Unfortunately, I'm not on the list of invited attendees (made all the more agonizing as the conference hotel is only minutes from my home), but this doesn't mean I can't still contribute!

Below are a handful of stories published this year on WILD ABOUT HARRY that I think might be of interest to my fellow magic historians. Have a great time everyone!


  1. How can this be? Must be an unintentional oversight I'm sure.

  2. Nope, not an oversight. I tried. It's a tough list to get on (although everyone I know seems to be going). I wasn't really upset about it, figured I still needed to pay my dues...but now I'm starting to feel it. It really would have a great first year to go as I think a lot of the attendees now know me from this blog.

  3. Stopped by the conference hotel yesterday to see Arthur Moses and exchange some Houdini goodies. I was allowed to stand outside in the rain. :) Haven't heard yet if there's anything Houdini related this year.