Monday, November 7, 2011

Houdini swears by Zam-Buk

The Rose & Co. blog recently posted an advertisement that Houdini did for Zam-Buk, which was some kind of a medicated soothing cream. They rightfully point out that this was a very early example of a celebrity endorsement. Here's another ad from 1910.

The Daily Telegraph, April 5, 1910.

Rose & Co now owns Zam-Buk, and you can actually still buy the product from their website. As you can see in the product description, they are still using Houdini's name to sell it!

Dean Carnegie at The Magic Detective has posted an advert for Zam-Buk featuring Hardeen.

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  1. It was almost a year ago that I found the piece on Hardeen and Zam-buk. But at the time I posted it I didn't know that Houdini also was featured in the ads. I honestly, don't know which one of them were used in the ads first, though it was probably Houdini and then Hardeen.