Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Dream Machine want to resurrect 'Houdini'

In 1967 the band The Dream Machine -- who enjoyed success as the opening act for The Who -- released their single HOUDINI on Decca Records. Now the band is getting back together and want to record a new 10 track CD called, THE HOUDINI TRILOGY.

An original 1967 HOUDINI single

Go to The Dream Machine page at to find out more or to make a donation to THE HOUDINI TRILOGY project.


  1. It really is a good song. I'd never heard it before.

  2. Who is this band, where have they been? Their great, and I enjoyed the Houdini sound, and pictures. Can't wait for Houdini's Trilogy

  3. Love the song, and the pictures

  4. One of the greatest bands to come out of Texas.

  5. I have the black label Decca 45 of Houdini that I won off a radio contest. Always really liked the song. Not a one hit wonder because it was never a hit, but liked Dream Machine anyway