Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sony's Houdini movie to film in Montreal

The Hollywood Reporter says that Sony/Columbia Pictures "high profile film about Houdini" will shoot in Montreal. This is to take advantage of Canada’s "generous all-spend tax credit and additional digital media tax incentives."

While the article doesn't give a start date, this is pretty encouraging news. Hollywood currently has several Houdini projects in the pipeline, but it's not clear when or if any of these will be made. Now it looks like the first one out of the development gate will be the Sony project, which is to be directed by Francis Lawrence from a script by Scott Frank.

According to the last report (back in May), the fictionalized film "will center on Harry Houdini‘s attempts to discredit a beautiful spiritualist, although he becomes obsessed with her and starts to believe she is actually the real deal."


  1. Houdini and the Smurfs. I suppose it's a change from the other mashups we've seen ...

  2. Please no, not another Death Defying Acts, uggh.

  3. Aw, COME ON, Hollywood! If we can have freakin' bio-pics about J. Edgar Hoover and Maggie Thatcher, what about the perennially popular no-need-to-fictionalize-him-cause-he's-already-freakin'-mythical-enough HOUDINI? His REAL life (subject to interpretation, of course) is practically begging for an Oscar-worthy screenplay. *le sigh*

    Oh well, I hope it's at least entertaining or something. I never watched "Death Defying Acts", it just looked too damned silly.