Thursday, May 26, 2016

Haversat & Ewing auction June 3-4

Haversat & Ewing Galleries upcoming "Spring Into Summer Auction" on June 3-4 will include several interesting Houdini rarities among their 190 lots.

Two items specifically relate to Houdini in New York. The first is a program and ticket stubs for Houdini's 1917 S.A.M. benefit for the families of the Antilles disaster, in which he shared the stage with Harry Kellar among others (Lot 145). To promote the patriotic event, New York officials finally granted Houdini permission to perform a suspended straitjacket escape in Time Square. There's also a program for Houdini's first appearance at The Palace Theater, in which he shared the bill with Fanny Brice (Lot 136). The Palace was a collaboration between Martin Beck and B.F. Keith and became the preeminent vaudeville house of the golden age.

Also at auction are eleven typed pages about the Davenport Brothers compiled by Oscar Teale for Houdini (Lot 146). An article called "The Idolatrous Dog" signed by Houdini to Will Goldston: "W.G. Knowing your love of your pretty little Greyhound - know this will interest. Regards, Houdini" (Lot 137). And two keys from Houdini's personal collection owned by Jerry Metallo, who was once Houdini's metal worker (Lot 160).

You can view the full online catalog HERE. Active bidding on all lots begin at 11:30 AM EST - Friday, June 3, 2016. The first lot closes Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 5:00 PM EST.



  1. Haversat pre auction estimate on the program 40/50
    what are they even saying?
    You know these auction people are very sneaky, maybe that should read 4/5 hundred and thats too low. I'm freaking staying away.

    1. Does seem low. But 4/5 hundred is way high. But I trust H&E. Know them personally. Very honest in their dealings in every way.

  2. OK John I'll take your word on that, but we shall see.

    1. I apologize, Anon. You were correct. It sold for $420.

  3. Auction companies typically always have a lower estimate than the item sells for. Or the starting bid will be half of the auction estimate. In this case, if there's no reserve and the auction bid is under $40 bucks, then how is the auction company being sneaky? Price is determined by who wants it and what they are willing to pay. This goes for magic, automobile, autograph and any other auction. It's worth what someone is willing to pay!

    1. I certainly prefer seeing estimates on the lower/realistic end.

    2. It sneaky because they lure alot people in thinking they can win the item for a small amount. When in fact that's not the case. Also as experienced auctions bidders know when you start bidding on some items its very hard to stop. Thats why you have items sell for 6k that are worth 2k. Just because someone pays 6k for something doesn't mean its worth that much. And lastly it certainly doesn't guarantee it can be resold for that amount.
      Just tell me what you really think something is worth before I get my hopes up. So buyer beware.......Houdinites

  4. Auctions are always going to incite bidding fever. It's easy to get caught up in a bidding war. Rarely does one get a deal at an auction, which is really a
    way to find a rare item with the acceptance that it will cost a more than market value.

    I have overpaid at auctions on numerous occasions knowing full well I had no chance of ever locating the item--not even on eBay.



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