Friday, April 15, 2011


While doing research for my post about Bess Houdini's film, Religious Racketeer, I came across something that I think is a real bombshell. Certainly it's something that will pique the interest of historians and collectors. It comes from a visit with Bess in the 1930s and direct from the mouth of Ed Saint himself. The photo below is your hint. I'll drop the full bombshell tomorrow.


  1. Um, this wouldn't have anything to do with the idea mentioned in the October 1995 edition of Magic Magazine with Bess on the cover, would it?

  2. I think I know what this is, but I'll hold my tongue and wait for tomorrow!

  3. Eric - I don't recall whether this was mentioned in the Magic article.

    Dean - We're you right? :)

  4. No. I was thinking of the idea that Bess and Saint were married.

  5. Booth actually mentions that in his column. He says: "some say she had married him".

  6. In the magazine article, by David Charvet, he says no marriage license has been found, but they might not have used the names Saint and Houdini on one.

    Charvet says many people did know they were married, and he cites Arnold Furst, who knew them well.

    In those days it was unlikely that two unmarried people would live together for years. Furst said Saint kissed her goodnight. Furst said Bess told Jack Hayman, who was visiting, that they wouldn't live together without being married.

    Furst speculated that they weren't more open because their goal of keeping Houdini's name alive was best furthered by her being known as Mrs. Houdini.