Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Manacled as a lunatic"

Connolly Collection
The mighty Kevin Connolly over at Houdini Himself has posted several very uncommon photos of Houdini in unusual restraints early in his career. These photos appeared in the January 5, 1901 issue of the Black & White Budget when Houdini was 25. One of the captions read: "Manacled as a lunatic." Great stuff. Click the links below and enjoy at Houdini Himself.


  1. It's funny that the "manacled as a lunatic" is on the photos of the "insane muff" restraint which isn't, AFAIK, a manacle.

  2. Oh, that's called an "insane muff"? Thanks. I was wondering what to call that.



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