Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is it safe?

Check out this file photo of Houdini emerging from a safe that sold yesterday on eBay for $168 (with 12 bids). The photo is heavily touched up, but still nice as it's an uncommon shot. The only other place I can recalling seeing this is in Kellock's Houdini His Life Story. There it is credited to the White Studio, N.Y. Congrats to whoever nabbed this rarity.

By the way, if you are the winner of this photo and want me to take it down, just shoot me an email via this page and it will vanish like magic!


  1. That photo looks fake. Also, when did HOUDINI escape from a safe?

    1. The photo is heavily retouched, but it's real. There's another photo taken at this same time. Houdini escaped from a safe at the Euston Palace in the UK in December 1908. This appears to be later, so I'm not sure if this is real challenge escape or just a publicity image.