Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lost spiritualism scrapbook sells for $36,000!

The lost Houdini spiritualism scrapbook that WILD ABOUT HARRY had a role in uncovering last year has just sold for a whopping $36,000 (not including buyers premium). So far it is the second highest selling item in Potter and Potter's sale of Houdiniana happening right now in Chicago.

CLICK HERE to revisit the story of how our friend Mike, a Southern California antique dealer, discovered this amazing Houdini artifact and how I was the first Houdini nut to get a look at it.

As expected, the highest price (so far) went to Houdini's Double Fold Death Defying Mystery chest which came in at $55,000 (not including buyers premium).

I'll have more auction results later today.

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  1. uou! espero que o dono cuide bem dessa reliquia, e bem que ele podia mandar fazer um pdf disso, né?