Sunday, August 24, 2014

Party like it's 1899

Yesterday was not only the big Potter & Potter Houdini auction, but it was also the day of the Great Escapes Houdini House Parities. This promotion for the upcoming Houdini miniseries invited people to host their own Houdini viewing parties. The party pack included a DVD of Night One, a poster, coasters, a Houdini cocktail shaker, a red carpet, and other nifty Houdini tie-in swag.

Photo by lmp1983.

Visit the Great Escapes Houdini Premiere House Party page to see photos of the various parties around the country, and also read some first reactions to Night One.

Click to enlarge.

Houdini airs September 1 & 2 at 9/8c on HISTORY.


  1. Well, darn it. This should have been offered to every SAM group in the country. We could have collectively made this enormous! But, glad to see so many folks did enjoy it.

    1. I wish I would have signed up for one of these, then I would have gotten this cool swag. You really didn't even need to throw a "party." Just post a pic.

  2. Looks like they copied some ideas brought to the fore by Kalush.