Sunday, August 31, 2014

'Houdini' will air in the UK Sept. 7

Here's some great news for Houdini buffs in the UK who have been wondering how they are going to see the Houdini miniseries, which premiers tomorrow in the U.S. Phil Treece from the UK tips me off that Part 1 will air next Sunday, September 7, on Channel 4. You can get more details at the Channel 4 website.

Also, the UK DVD is currently available for pre-order on The release date shows as October 6 (a day before the U.S. release). I'm not sure whether this will be the extended edition.

Thank you Phil!


  1. Great news. Thank you Both. :-)

  2. Can´t wait to watch it here in Spain !

  3. Channel 4 advertising as "Drama". ;-)