Friday, June 19, 2015

LINK: Houdini fans don't want you to see this!!!

The Houdini miniseries airs this Tuesday in Australia, and the upcoming Melbourne Magic Festival (June 29-July 11) have made a post to their official website with links to my original review and Night One Fact Check.

"In the long run, anything that promotes discussion about Houdini and interest in magic is great in our books, but just for the sake of clarity, we recommend you use this FACT CHECKING GUIDE while you watch Episode #1 on Tuesday night."

Thanks to the Melbourne Magic Festival for the nice shout-out. I'm very flattered to see how far and wide my little Facts Checks have spread.

The Melbourne Magic Festival was created in 2008 by The Australian Institute of Magic with the two-fold aim of giving Melbournians the opportunity to see world class performances of magic in a theatrical environment, and the chance for performers to create shows that express themselves as artists. You can get more information and register at the official website:



  1. Nice shout-out. Your Fact Check guide is now required reading. Well, at least recommended. Congrats!

    1. Those Fact Check posts just won't die. They are still draw the top traffic everyday. I'm toying with formatting and releasing as an eBook and in a printed edition.

  2. Sounds like an excellent idea. Congrats on the kudos. Very well deserved. Your guides are the only thing that got me through those torturous four hours without totally losing my sanity. I turned off the first part when they showed Houdini drunk, and browsed your site instead. At least you don't have an agenda when it comes to presenting facts!


  3. That’s a good idea. The posts are popular because they’re well written, passionate and concise. And without any hollywood bias. People want accurate information and someone they trust to bring it to them. You da man.