Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Young Houdini: The Demon Curse released in U.S.

Simon Nicholson's second Young Houdini book, The Demon Curse, is released today in hardcover in the U.S. by Sourcebooks. The book was recently released in the UK in paperback.

Young Harry Houdini is a master magician, an impressive performance artist who dazzles crowds with his daring feats. But when Harry and his friends Billie and Arthur are called to New Orleans by the mysterious Order of the White Crow, the trio is faced with magic of an entirely different kind.

Whispers of voodoo and demonic spells rip through the streets as the city's mayor continues to suffer from a strange, zombified coma. What's more, the town is turning blame on the local fisherman-the very community that helped raise Billie. But it soon becomes clear there are other evils at play, and the three friends know something even more sinister is afoot.

To save the city from this truly terrifying evil, Harry will be forced to pull off his most spectacular escape yet!

Young Houdini: The Demon Curse can be purchased at Amazon.com. No word yet on a Book 3.

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