Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gresham on Kindle

William Lindsay Gresham's important 1959 biography, Houdini: The Man Who Walks Through Walls, is now available for the Amazon Kindle. The book has been out of print since 1975.

Houdini: The Man Who Walked Through Walls, first published in 1959, is a fascinating look at the life and career of magician and escape-artist Harry Houdini (1874-1926). Author William Gresham interviewed many people who knew Houdini personally, adding greatly to the book's accuracy and authoritativeness, and he also reviewed all of the available books, and newspaper and magazine articles on the magician. Gresham explains many of Houdini's illusions, and debunks some of the many myths surrounding the performer. Houdini's interest in the supernatural is examined, as are his efforts to expose the many fraudulent mediums and spiritualists of the time. Included are 8 pages of photographs.

You can purchase Houdini: The Man Who Walked Through Walls for Kindle at For an overview of the book, check out my post: The first great Houdini biography.

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