Thursday, March 31, 2016

LINK: Houdini manuscript 'Cancer of Superstition' divides opinion

The Chicago Tribune has a very well-researched article by Jeremy Mikula about the authorship of The Cancer of Superstition manuscript going up for auction April 9 at Potter & Potter. Was it written by Houdini, H.P. Lovecraft, C.M. Eddy, or some combination of the three?

"We're selling an object here, not the copyright, and while we want the best price possible, we also want to be responsible," Fajuri said. "The only name on the manuscript is Houdini. One way or another, it has these links to historical figures attached to it, and that's exciting."

CLICK HERE or on the headline to read the full article at Chicago Tribune online.

Potter & Potter's "Houdiniana" auction takes place Saturday, April 9 at 10 AM. The Cancer of Superstition manuscript is Lot 84. You can view all the lots and bid online at



  1. The auction's being held about 20 minutes from my house; will definitely be there next Saturday! Even if I don't walk away with any treasures, I bet it'll be a good time.

    1. Nice! You can also go check out previews. I believe they are running now in the gallery, 10am - 5pm.

    2. Holy Cow! Thanks for the heads-up - on our way out the door ...

  2. Double-checked and no, the viewing is next week (April 6th-8th) - I'll be there, though!

    1. Ah, dang, I'm sorry to have sent you out with bad info. But I'm envious you'll be able to see these treasures in the flesh. I was drooling over the catalog just this morning.

    2. It's OK - my wife and I were just about to head out when I figured I'd better double-check online. I'll check out the preview on the 6th and then we'll both attend the auction as well.

  3. Sold for $28,000--not bad. The Martin Beck telegrams went for $26,000. The Houdini scrapbook fetched $43,000? I wonder what Harry would think of the unbelievable prices his "mail" and scrapbooks are selling for.



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