Saturday, November 19, 2016

LINK: Providence man says he knows where Houdini's treasure trove is

Houdini got a lot of press attention this past Halloween (the 90th anniversary of his death), and I've been playing catch up. Today I have a link to the most unusual article of the batch. The Providence Journal profiled Noah Schwartz who believes he's on the verge of discovering Houdini's lost "treasure box."

Schwartz tends to demand your attention by saying he is the reincarnation of Houdini. If he's pressed, he'll say that he is not really claiming to be Houdini resurrected, but the recipient of "inklings" and feelings, "faint echoes" of Houdini "being transmitted through me."

Noah first shared this info with me via the Wild About Harry Facebook page. He's clearly passionate about his quest, but I admit I could never quite puzzle together his theories about airships, C.M. Eddy, and the Superman Building. And his claim that he's the reincarnation of Houdini is, of course, hard to verify.

But now The Providence Journal has done the leg work and gave Noah an impressive front page spread in their Halloween print edition (above). Who knows? Maybe the extra attention will help solve the mystery.

Click here or on the headline to read the online version at The Providence Journal.



  1. Well, he's persistent and unique. I'll give him that.

  2. Harry had to deal with this kind of tomfoolery when was alive. One nut showed up at 278 with a Bible claiming to have had a conference with Bismark and Jesus.

    1. Is that from Kalush? I don't recall that story.

  3. Negative--it's Silverman page 301. Mr. Stuckel showed up at 278 with his tomfoolery.

  4. It seems that this person Noah is a little unhinged. Showing up at an elderly woman's house and pounding on the door, yelling and scaring her is just not right. Harry would not approve of his methods at all. I hope his obsession doesn't escalate further to cause harm.

  5. Hi Mr. Cox. Thank you for putting this article on your blog! I know you're skeptical, so I appreciate this.

    The Providence Journal ... well, let's just say the Providence Journal has it's own agenda. I did not write favorably of it in my book. And they didn't want to admit that they believe in me. You can see the article reads a little weird as far as whether they find me credible or not.

    As far as what Mr. Dyer said about me banging and screaming on Fay's door, I knew Fay. If she had known it was me she would have welcomed me in.

    The question should be, why was she living alone in that house? The reason I went to the house is she wasn't answering her phone. I thought one of her sons was living with her, but apparently her being all alone in the house at 91 was okay with them.

    The house was strange in that there was a moving blanket over the front window among other things, and when I first left, I thought about calling the Warwick Police Department to do a welfare check on Fay, but I hesitated about calling them because of Jeffrey Scott Hornoff. (google it) I'm scared to death of the Warwick Police department, because before they falsely accused Jeffrey Scott Hornoff (and jailed him for six years before the real killer just happened to confess, if he hadn't, Jeffrey would still be rotting in jail,) they accused my best friends BROTHER AND FATHER of the murder, simply because they lived across the street. Both the father, and the brother were arrested. The father had a heart attack and died, the brother wasted away from bladder cancer and he died as well. The Warwick Police Department destroyed quite a few lives just on that one case alone.

    So I went back to the house rather than call the police. It's quite simple. I was worried about her.

    It remains to be seen if I can recover the box. This is not tomfoolery, and I am not quite unhinged.

    Thank you again, Mr. Cox.