Saturday, October 25, 2014

Houdini Museum announces Original Houdini Seance 2014

Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz have announced that their annual "Original Houdini Seance" will be held at the Houdini Museum in Scranton on Halloween at 1:26pm.

Guests this year will include Sean Von Gorman, co-creator of The Secret Adventures of Houdini graphic novel series, and psychic David Jay, a local celebrity paranormalist who presides over the year round Scranton Ghost Walk.

Admission to the séance is by invitation only by calling Penny Wilkes at 570-342-5555. There is no charge to attend.

The Original Houdini Seance (not to be confused with the Official Houdini Seance which will be held this year in Danvers, MA) traces its lineage back to Walter B. Gibson and claims to be "the oldest and only genuine Houdini séance."

The Houdini Museum is located at 1433 N. Main Ave., Scranton, PA. For more info visit the Houdini Museum website.


  1. "Original Houdini Seance" is a term trademarked by Sid Radner many years ago. It is a trademark violation for anyone else to use this term. They aren't the original, they are just thieves.

    1. I believe he trademarked "Official", not Original.

      I don't get too bent out of shape over these things. It's all in celebration of Houdini. And the truth is there really is no "Official" or "Original" Houdini seance. Bessie called an end to all this in 1936. It's all in good fun now and I think it's healthy to treat it as such.

  2. I cut out (and eventually lost) a late 1970s newspaper article about a Houdini séance. The participants used a dish of lox and bagel to lure his spirit back. This was a meal Harry supposedly liked.

  3. You are correct, John on all counts. Thanks for the reminder...

  4. Dorothy is still Hot!!