Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Houdini documentary on KRBC tonight

A new documentary, Harry Houdini: Magic Among The Spirits, will have its premiere tonight on PBS station KRBC in Northern California. This appears to be the same documentary by Tom Wyrsch that first screened in Sonoma back in 2012.

Thursday, October 30 at 8 pm. This program tells the story of how Houdini's magic led to his involvement in seances, his untimely death, and the pact he made with his wife Bess to try to reach him in the hereafter. The film details how the Houdini seances made their way to Sonoma County in 1964 and continued every Halloween night until 2002. Viewers will see the secret locations where they were held, the people who attended, and if contact was made. This 37-year annual Halloween event celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Interviews, historical film footage and photographs tell the complete story.

Great to see that this documentary has made it to television. Hopefully a DVD will be made available so we can all enjoy Harry Houdini: Magic Among The Spirits.

You can read more about the Annual Sonoma Houdini Seance at Petaluma 360.



  1. I live in Northern California, and was able to watch this documentary. It was actually two half-hour documentaries with somewhat similar themes played back to back. The first program had some nice footage of Houdini himself, and then focused on the seances that attempt to contact his spirit following his death. The second focused entirely on a series of seances held in Sonoma California. Although I love Sonoma and love spending time up there, I think this second program would have benefited greatly from some historical footage of the man himself.

    1. Thank you Robert. I was hoping someone who saw this would chime in with a report.