Thursday, October 2, 2014

LINK: Mad About Harry

Click the headline to read the online version of a nice article about Houdini collecting by Sheila Gibson Stoodley in the October 2014 issue of Robb Report.

The author quotes yours truly; but what's really impressive is she pierced the veil and has a few nice quotes from David Copperfield about his recent Houdini auction purchases, including The Grim Game poster that he picked up last December for a cool $67,000.

"The Grim Game poster was a piece of the puzzle I don't have, so I spent the extra money on getting it," says David. "If it's part of a story that needs to be told, and needs to be preserved, then I might fight for it a little bit harder."


  1. Here is Robb Reports mission statement:

    Rob Report Defines Connoisseurship

    For more than 35 years, Rob Report has served as the authoritative voice in the global luxury market. Widely regarded as the single most influential journal of "living life to the fullest," Robb Report covers the newest in what matters most to its discerning and exceptionally affluent audience.

    "Our magazine is a compass for the super wealthy who like to spend their disposable incomes on expensive high end items."

    Houdini collecting has now officially reached the outer solar system. It's now part of the chic scene of luxury collecting to have a set of Houdini's manacles framed and hanging in the living room of your mansion.

  2. In addition to the poster, we know that a print of The Grim Game is a piece of the puzzle he is looking for. Hopefully we will get to see it one day.

  3. That is an interesting thought Joe, and if Copperfield manages to find a copy of The Grim Game, will he share it with Houdini scholars and film buffs? I understand he owns all of Houdini's wax cylinder recordings but so far, they are under wraps.