Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Grim Game is sold and safe, says Kevin Connolly

With the death of Larry Weeks this month, there has been concern and speculation about what will become of the only known copy of The Grim Game. Larry owned a complete print, but had not made it available for public viewing since the 1980s.

Now Kevin Connolly on his blog Houdini Himself reassures us "hyperventilating" Houdini fans that this important piece of Houdini history is safe. Says Kevin:

"The copy of The Grim Game was being heavily pitched in the inner Houdini Circle over the last 2 years by an agent for Larry Weeks. I was told that it was sold when Larry was alive. Who or what bought it; I cannot say."

This is great news. Here's hopping that one day soon we will all finally be able to view what is considered Houdini's best film work.



  1. I was told 4 copies were made and are now in private collections.
    Last year a fiend told me he saw it at a home out east, and after Mr Weeks
    passed they were to be made available . Jon Oliver