Monday, February 27, 2012

Our man in Glasgow

Scottish escape artist Andy Robertson (Darkart Escapologist) paid a visit to the City of Stars exhibition at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow this weekend to have a look at the phenomenal new photo of Houdini and his Water Torture Cell that is drawing so much attention (it's already my #4 all time most viewed post). As you can see, it's quite large! However, they appear to have cropped it somewhat, shaving James Vickery out of the shot. (Click here to see the full photo.)

Andy also photographed the descriptive card, which says the photo was taken at the Pavillion Theatre, Renfield Street, on June 3, 1920. You can see all his pics at The Magic Cafe.

Thank you Andy!


  1. Is it possible that MORE than one photo was taken that day in 1920? Can we ask Andy if he could contact the newspaper and find out if they have microfilm archives of their newspapers from 1920? Perhaps others made it to print that were not saved as individual photos?

    1. I've sent an inquiry to the paper.

    2. I heard back from the paper. They do have a few other photos of HH in their archives, but they are copyrighted to someone else. This is the only photo of theirs, so it was probably the only photo taken that night (or the only one to survive).

  2. How cool is that? Pity about Mr Vickery though.

  3. What a shame. Can you imagine a series of photos with this level of clarity that shows various stages of Houdini performing this escape?