Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Houdini and his bag of tricks

Check out this terrific advertisement from the December 27, 1925 New York Times sent to me by a mysterious contributor named Harry Houdini (his real name!). I love how this unique image sells Houdini purely as a (traveling) magician. I don't even see a pair of handcuffs or spirit slates in that "bag of tricks."

This, of course, is an ad for Houdini's full evening show, which he launched in August 1925 and played until his death in October 1926. The show was more typically advertised as "3 Shows in One: Magic, Escapes, Fraud Mediums Exposed." This ad announces his move from the Shubert Theater on 44th St. to the National on 41st Street during the show's first Broadway run.

Thank you "Harry."


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