Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yet another unseen photo of Houdini surfaces

Just days after we get a spectacular never-before-seen photograph of Houdini, how about another one!

We are all familiar with the photo on the right that shows Houdini holding a ball and chain as he prepares to dive into a swimming pool. Now Kevin Connolly at "Houdini Himself" has uncovered NEW photo taken at the same event.

Says Kevin, "I don’t ever remember seeing anything as similar to this in any Houdini images. This is just so spontaneous."

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Kevin as taken his site offline and the photo is no longer available. But you can see a similar one HERE.


  1. I actually have a third photo from this event showing Houdini diving into the pool head first. It's never been published as far as I know. I'll post it later this week.

  2. Spectacular! Please show us that third photo John!

    1. Will do. I've actually uncovered some more info about this stunt and yet another photo, so I'm going to do a special post about it. Give me a few days.