Sunday, January 15, 2012

Link: Tracking the Body of Houdini

Superb blog today over at Carnegie: Magic Detective about the journey Houdini's body took following his death in Detroit on Halloween 1926. A few details here that are new to me. Click the headline to have a read.

Speaking of graves, I'm heading out today with my fellow Houdini cohorts on an expedition to find a Houdini notable whose final resting place as been a bit of a mystery...until now. Watch for it this week.


  1. Thanks again Joe. Man I wish I was going with you guys on the grave hunt!

  2. A great article by Mr. Carnegie. I suspect the Elks Clubhouse is no longer there because Dean supplied an illustration of it instead of a current photo.

    I thought Houdini was embalmed when his body was returned to New York City. I now know it was done in Detroit.