Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Want to "adopt" this Houdini book?

The Magic Newswire reports that The British Library Board is looking for someone to "adopt" Houdini's 1921 Magical Rope Ties & Escapes as part of a program that asks the public to help preserve the great original books in their vast collection.

The cost to adopt the book is £30.00 (approximately $47.50). Your name will be on the certificate and in the records of the British Library.

Click here to go to the British Library website.


  1. What's the back story on this book? Was it actually Burling Hull's text somehow appropriated by a publisher and published under Houdini's name? Are the texts different?

  2. That's a very good question, Eric. Afraid I'm not all that familiar with the Hull book, so I can't really say. Among Houdini's books, this one is a real curiosity.