Monday, January 23, 2012

'Mrs. Harry Houdini's Rendezvous'

Continuing our Bessie Houdini birthday celebration, here's a look back at "Mrs. Harry Houdini's Rendezvous", the tea room that Bess ran for a short period of time in New York which sat where Rockefeller Center is today. I could write about it, but I really couldn't do a better job of capturing the flavor of the place than this article from The Lewiston Daily Sun, Feb. 12, 1930 (I've merged it with a pic from The Pittsburg Press, Feb. 9, 1930).

Enjoy your visit to Mrs. Harry Houdini's Rendezvous.


  1. Well I think that pretty much answers the question of whether or not the Tea Room and the speakeasy were the same...they were NOT.

    1. Yep. Sometimes a tea room is just a tea room. :)

      I can't help but think about the photos on the walls and what happened to those.