Saturday, January 7, 2012

Watch the entire 'Religious Racketeers'

Here is the entire film, Religious Racketeers, the 1938 movie that famously features a cameo by Bess Houdini (she appears at 07:30 and 1:07:18). What's nice is this version contains the original title card and not the Mystic Circle Murder title as seen on the current Alpha Video release. This print is also in much better condition. Unfortunately, as with the Alpha print, the epilogue with Bessie is abruptly cut off at the end.

Speaking of Religious Racketeers, there is a very good article by Mark Gabrish Conlan on Movie Magg which makes a great reference resource on this rare film. You can also read my own history of this movie, When Madame Houdini Spoke.

Original title card (left) and the card from the Alpha Video print (right).

You can enjoy more Houdini video finds link this on the new WILD ABOUT HARRY YouTube Channel.


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