Saturday, January 7, 2012

Now we can all get Decoded

Did you know that Houdini died at age 53? That his handcuff escape at Scotland Yard in 1900 was his "first major escape"? That he spied on "the Nazis"? That Bess was a "star" when Houdini met her, but he stifled her career so she had him MURDERED!

Well, it's all true, because I saw it on The History Channel.

Now we can all have a mind (and fact) altering experience thanks to Brad Meltzer and his tireless "detectives" on Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Houdini Murdered? The episode is now streaming FREE for a limited time at the Decoded website. You can also order this monumental piece of hokum on DVD for $24.95 at the History Channel Shop, or buy it on Instant Video from Amazon for $2.99.

You can also hit your head with a hammer for an hour and achieve the same result. The choice is yours!



  1. Why can I never find my wallet when I need it? I do know where the hammer is though.

  2. Once again The History Channel spares no expense in getting their facts wrong.

  3. Oh GOODIE!!! I've been YEARNING for some good ol' fashioned CRAP to watch! LOL! I'll watch it for 2 reasons. 1: i REALLY need a laugh, & 2: so you have one more person to say "see, i told you so" to. Gee. Thanks John.... for NOTHING! LOL! :) Bill Smith

  4. Well, John, i watched the thing just now, & the ONLY good thing on it was the old footage of Houdini!! BUT, as for Josh Jay, I really don't feel he meant ANY wrong towards Bess. He seems like a geniuenly nice guy, & i felt he was just basically saying she tried to get what she deserved, especially for her suffering the loss of her beloved husband. A LOT of people would do the same i'm sure. As for harry being a spy, if there is "evidence" & documentation, why didn't we SEE ANY???!!! I know why. Because there IS NONE! As for Kalish, he came off just like his book read. Trying to make a buck, & a first class SCHMUCK!I wasn't impressed with their "detectives" either. Although, the blond WAS kinda cute. LOL! And one place i can REALLY chime in, is where Brad Meltzer said that when harry, as an aprentice, was called on to open the cuffs the master locksmith couldn't open, i can tell you first hand that is BUNK!! I am a locksmith, & worked as one, & can tell you that if the owner or another of his EXPERIENCED employees can't open a lock, they are NOT going to think "well, with all my knowledge i can't open this, so let's see if the new kid can"! OH! & while i was at it, i decoded Brad Meltzer too. It was him, not dorothy, who got the wicked witch wet in the wizard of oz. That's how he got his last name {melts her?? LOL!}. Couldn't STAND that guy!!! So, anyway, there's MY thoughts for what their worth. Bill Smith

  5. Oh, don't be down on Bill Kalush. He's a great guy and a true magic and Houdini historian who's Conjuring Arts Center is a gift to us all. And there is evidence that Houdini and Melville had a relationship that HH sent back some kind of reports when he was touring Germany and Russia. But it's a matter of how much to read into it.

    I don't fault any of the experts interviewed for this. The show edited them to suit their needs, and according to those who have talked about this, no one was told this was going to be about "Houdini murdered." The show sandbagged them all.

  6. Ok, my appologies for what i said about Mr. Kalush then. But i was also basing some of that on what you yourself said about his book earlier, besides what i myself thought of his book. But, oh well. whatever. Life's too short & so am i. LOL! Take care. Bill Smith