Saturday, November 2, 2013

Meanwhile in New York...

While all our attention was focused on The Official Houdini Seance in Halifax, there was another Houdini seance happening in New York City on Halloween. The great William Kalush, co-author of The Secret Life of Houdini and founder of the Conjuring Arts Research Center, hosted a private gathering which included such notables as: Anna Thurlow, the great granddaughter of Margery; director Darren Aronofsky; Roger Dreyer of the Houdini Museum of New York; Secret Life co-author Larry "Ratso" Sloman; Axis Company Artistic Director, Randy Sharp; and Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon.

Did Houdini snub Halifax to attended this chic gathering instead? Bill didn't say, but he did post this photo on Instagram. Believe.

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