Wednesday, June 20, 2018

To Gladys from Hardeen

Fifteen years ago Bill Bremer, a postcard collector in Texas, unearthed a cache of 36 postcards sent to Houdini's sister, Carrie Gladys Weiss. All this week I am sharing select cards from this remarkable collection. [Read the full story of Bill's find here.]

Today we have two postcards sent to Carrie Gladys from brother Theo Hardeen while he was on tour in 1913. The first is from Salem, Massachusetts, postmarked Nov. 28, 1913. The other is from Lowell, Massachusetts, postmarked Jan. 31, 1913. The cards are signed Dash and (untypically) Theodore. Both are addressed to Gladys at 278. As you can see, Dash is a man of few words!

Tomorrow I'll share a postcard to Gladys from an unlikely sender. This one will wow you!


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