Tuesday, June 19, 2018

To Gladys from brothers Leopold and Nathan

Fifteen years ago Bill Bremer, a postcard collector in Texas, unearthed a cache of 36 postcards sent to Houdini's sister, Carrie Gladys Weiss. All this week I am sharing select cards from this remarkable collection. [Read the full story of Bill's find here.]

Today we have a two postcards sent to Carrie Gladys from her brothers Leopold and Nathan Weiss. The first card from Leo was sent from the White Mountains in New Hampshire and is postmarked Sept. 1, 1912. Leo addresses it to Gladys at 278, where she and Leo were living at the time. As you can see, "Doc" enjoyed his nature hikes.

This next card from Nathan is the only correspondence I've ever seen from him. It's sent from Jacksonville, Illinois, and postmarked April 8, 1914. This one is addressed to Gladys at 250 West 54th St. in New York. This appears to have been her workplace, Zieglers Magazine, a monthly periodical written in Braille for the blind. (The E. Matilda Ziegler Foundation still exists today). Not sure what the reference to Nesselrode Pudding is all about. I suspect Gladys was a fan!

Tomorrow I'll share postcards to Gladys from the "Monarch of Manacles" himself...


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  1. Perhaps "Nesselrode Pudding" is a pet name for someone whose initials are N. P. May even be a pet name for a pet.