Saturday, June 30, 2018

June Horowitz passes away at 104

June Horowitz, who was the first female president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and who met Houdini as a child, has passed away at age 104. June was the last person that I'm aware of to have a living memory of Houdini. Below is a photo of June taken last year when she visited the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan.

You can read more about June's amazing life in magic at Genii Online.



  1. Wow! 104! I remember her being on the cover of The Linking Ring and thinking how cool it was that the IBM president was a woman. All the best to her family.

  2. The last known person to have known HH...that is profound. Not the best way to have known Harry. We need a time machine.

    1. Well, the last person that I'm aware of, but one hopes there still may be some others. I think we have about 10 more years before it becomes an impossibility.