Monday, January 31, 2011

Houdini's crime

Check out this news item from the 1909 London Daily Mirror, courtesy Marco Pusterla of The Ephemeral Collector. Bill Kalush in The Secret Life of Houdini says Houdini was ultimately prosecuted for being improperly dressed and for bathing in the Seine during prohibited hours. I've also read that the charge was "walking on the grass."

The London Daily Mirror, 1909

This stunt was filmed and Houdini would incorporate the footage into his 1909 film for Film Lux, Les merveilleux exploits de Houdini à Paris. The clip can be viewed on the Kino DVD set, Houdini The Movie Star.


  1. Don't you hate when that happens, "arrested for improperly being dressed and bathing in the Seine".
    I suppose it's better than them not liking you and throwing you into the Seine!