Friday, January 7, 2011

Spend this weekend on Terror Island

Welcome to our Terror Island Weekend, brought to you by our generous mystery contributor, MSW. We have three beautiful original Terror Island lobby cards to share with you, all scanned from the originals. We kick off today with this fantastic Terror Island title card. Then the adventure continues on Saturday and Sunday with a card a day! So pack your bags, get your passport in order, and travel with us to...

From the collection of MSW

Travel Facts: Terror Island was Houdini's second feature for Jesse L. Lasky's Famous Players Lasky. It was released by Paramount-Artcraft in 1920. The film co-starred Lila Lee. It was written by Arthur B. Reeve and John W. Grey (who had written Houdini's previous two film projects) and directed by the well-regarded James Cruze. It was shot in Los Angeles and on Catalina Island in November of 1919. The film was not as successful as his first Lasky feature, The Grim Game, and it would be the last movie Houdini made in Hollywood.

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  1. There's nothing like a big hairy sweater to convey manly menace. Especially in a tropical climate.

  2. It's a very strange wardrobe to be sure. I think the idea was to convey a sort of "genius" inventor look. When you think of the 20s you think of the crazy big fur sweaters college students would sport. Maybe this was trying to tap that progressive look. Also check out those shoes. It all very collegiate.

  3. Oooh the mysterious benefactor strikes again. Thanks for your generosity.

    Eric, you read my mind. Insect repellent is not required when you have coverage like that.

    (I love his shoes ... just this side of "Saturday Night Fever".)

  4. You're very lucky to have a 'mysterious contributor'. It continues to amaze me about all the 'new' Houdini stuff that shows up.

  5. I think John probably is right about the character but it's still funny. "I'm going into the jungle to rescue a kidnapped girl." "OK, honey, but wear your heavy sweater so you don't get a chill."

  6. Oh totally. I love reading this stuff and appreciate the work that has gone into presenting it ... I'm just glad there's somebody else who can never resist the urge to be the class clown. =)

  7. I just love that we get a look here at a lobby title card. Those are always gold, and this one is particularly cool. Props to MSW.