Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please consider using our links

This is just to let you know, when you see something on Wild About Harry that you'd like to purchase at Amazon, be sure and enter Amazon via the link you see here on the site. You'll notice there is a special code embedded in the URL. That's because I'm part of the Amazon Associates program. When a purchase is made via this site, I get a few pennies. And it doesn't even need to be that exact item, just entering Amazon via our site works on any purchase. It's not much, but it helps support the site and my own Houdini habit. Thanks. Now back to the magic...


  1. Yeah, I figure no harm in letting people know. Friend of mine recently bought the Taschen MAGIC book. I said, "Oh, man, I hope you did it from my site!" That one might actually add up to a whole dime. :)

  2. At least I can kid myself that my shopping habit is helping someone else out. =)

  3. The Amazon Associates program is the best. Anyone can sign up and it's free. My old girlfriend and I had two separate accounts. When I bought my HD TV on Amazon, I did it via her coded link. She instantly got a substantial gift certificate. Also Blogger interfaces beautifully with it. Generates the codes automatically.