Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Master Mystery Tour

Join us, boys and girls, and we begin a colorful three day journey into the land of Houdini's first movie serial, The Master Mystery, courtesy our favorite candyman, MSW. Gaze upon the first of three rare lobby cards with some curious color tinting. I see a pink lady. I SEE A PINK LADY!!!

These are all scans from originals (cropping is due to the size of the scanner bed). I think this first one is nothing less than groovy.

From the collection of MSW

Click here for another hit.


  1. Groovy is an understatement!!! Awesome jacket that Harry is wearing.


  2. Again with the jacket comments! :p

  3. Houdini was such a fashion trendsetter, lol. Actually outside of the movies he was usually a disheveled mess from what I've read. Great pic, can't wait to see tomorrows.

  4. Yes, Bess had to steal his undies in order to wash them. Like I said ... absent minded professor! Even his hair is behaving itself.

    What is the pink lady's name?

  5. That is Marguerite Marsh playing Eva Brent.