Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Houdini photos you've (possibly) never seen

Okay, maybe of few of you were a bit disappointed that my much-hyped Houdini photo you've never seen was not really ALL that different from Houdini photos you have seen. So for those who were not sent into orbit by a single missing padlock, here's a new set of pics to satisfy your eyeballs.

Click to enlarge

These stunners appeared like magic this morning from my new best friend, Marco Pusterla of The Ephemeral Collector. These pics appeared in the London Daily Mirror on February 4, 1904, accompanying a story about Houdini's jail-break from Liverpool Bridewell. (You can find it and more articles like it at UKPressOnline.)

By the way, Marco Pusterla is currently researching the Italian magician Chefalo. If you have some info that can help him out, give him a holler via his website or shoot me an email and I can forward it. Yes, he's Wild About Chefalo!

Thank you, Marco.


  1. This is cool. Nice to find another magic history blog too. And yesterday's photo was great by the way.

  2. Thanks. Marco also has a nice site devoted to Chefalo:

  3. Thank you, John!

    Houdini did indeed get lot of publicity from the Daily Mirror... didn't he? ;-)

  4. He certainly seemed to have an, um, relationship with them. ;)

  5. Well, I wasn't a bit disappointed in yesterday's picture, but I'm thrilled to see THESE! :) I've never seen them before. They're great. Thanks John.

  6. Oh, I don't really think anyone was disappointed in yesterday's pic. Especially us hardcores. I'm just having some with my presentation. :)