Friday, January 21, 2011

The Master Mystery tour concludes

Today we conclude our colorful Master Mystery Tour, with thanks to MSW for sharing from his private stash these three original tinted lobby cards from Houdini's 1918 serial. And not a day too soon. Looks like Peter Brent (Jack Burns) has definitely had enough. Peace out.

From the collection of MSW

Day 1. Day 2.


  1. WOW, this MSW person has cool stuff huh? I wonder what he has for us next?


  2. I like the way they politely ignore the exhausted man wearing a carpet.

  3. I forget exactly what's happening here. The Master Mystery is looooong so I don't know it like I know Houdini's other films. But I think that's Eva's father, Peter Brent, and he's under the influence of "Madagascar Madness." Like I said, he's trippin'!

  4. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. =)

    (nice one, Eric).


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