Sunday, January 9, 2011

Terror Island Weekend: "The final stand in the hut"

It's our favorite philanthropic inventor-adventurer Harry Harper making his "final stand in the hut" on the dreaded...Terror Island! Actually, this scene isn't in the movie. Harper's final stand with the natives takes place on the beach, and with the villains in his submarine. This is just one of several publicity shots that were taken in the hut set. It's a terrific shot, and one that would be used effectively on newspaper adverts for the film.

From the collection of MSW

And thus concludes our Terror Island Weekend. Hope you've enjoyed your stay. A very big THANK YOU to the mysterious MSW for sharing these beautiful original Terror Island lobby cards. Now rest up and get ready for our next excursion, The Master Mystery Tour.

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  1. Really, The Mastery Mystery Tour? I'm looking forward to that! Love Houdini's really WIDE tie in this photo, it's cool.

  2. Yay!! Tha Master Mystery Tour! I love the Beatles!

  3. He does the James Bond thing really well, I think.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've often thought Haldane of the Secret Service was a Bond film. Not only is he an agent, but the movie itself is very much of a globe trotting adventure with a series of capture and escape set-pieces. And, of course, it ends in the villain's exotic lair -- a monastery, which was actually used in a Bond film once (For Your Eyes Only).

  5. Really???? That's one of my favourite Bond films. I must check it out again.