Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Details on The Official 2013 Houdini Séance in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Here are the full details on the 2013 Official Houdini Seance which this year will be held at the historic Citadel in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Also check out the cool video below that promotes the event. Sounds like this will be a seance to remember!

Official Houdini Séance will Haunt the
Halifax Citadel on Halloween

Famous Canadian fort to host an evening of
magic, mystery and history

Harry Houdini spent a month in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1896. This Halloween, some are hoping the legendary escape artist will return to the harbour city. The 2013 Official Houdini Séance is set to convene at historic Citadel Hill, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on October 31.

Before he died on Halloween in 1926, Houdini promised to send a message from the Great Beyond. His widow Beatrice held the first ten séances on the anniversary of his death, and each year since the Official Houdini Séance has been held in a city where Houdini performed. It is now organized by an American consortium of Houdini experts, piloted by Tom Boldt and Bill Radner, son of Sidney Radner who was caretaker of the Séance from 1947-2010. Halifax organizer is Nova Scotia author and Houdini historian Bruce MacNab.

The Séance will be conducted by world-renowned medium Alan Hatfield of Pictou Landing First Nation. Some of Houdini’s personal possessions will be placed on the Séance table. Award-winning singer Laura Smith will sing Rosabelle, Houdini’s favorite song.

Doors to the Garrison Room will open at 7pm. The opening entertainment will feature New York magician Margaret Steele along with two Canadian performers who have appeared on CBC’s Dragon’s Den—popular local magician Mister J and illusionist Lucas Wilson, holder of three Guinness World Records. Houdini biographer Bruce MacNab will open the evening with stories of Houdini’s tumultuous time in Halifax.

Tickets are $45 with a portion of each sale going to FEED NOVA SCOTIA. Ticket requests can be sent to

UPDATE: Daughter of Jack Price to attend the Official Houdini Seance in Halifax.


  1. Don't you think it's a bit ironic that people get together with spiritualist scam artists, to try talk to a dead guy who spent much of his time debunking spiritualists ? I can see doing this type of thing as a joke/excuse for a Halloween party, but as a serious endeavour ?

    1. While everyone is respectful, I'm not sure how serious anyone takes the seance itself. It's really about celebrating Houdini and continuing a tradition that goes back to Bessie. And have some spooky fun on Halloween.

  2. The music soundtrack to this video is sensational! Those beautiful Houdini posters and photos just come alive to the music!

    I think these séances are all in good fun and tributes to Houdini. After all, he attended numerous séances throughout his life. I'm sure they were fun for him in some ways.

  3. I've been an Official Houdini Seance participant since 1989...Sid Radner and I used to discuss this, and his attitude was, nothing is going to happen, but just in case, he wanted to be there to witness.

  4. The big news is that the son of one of the boys in the dressing room is going to be there at the seance table.
    One year something happened, a book fell off a shelf and opened to a certain very related page.
    Now, I know how that happened. But over the years, sane people have told me the story and they believe it was not accomplished by humans like Sid Radner and Randi, for example.

    1. Daughter actually. I wanted to report this, but Bruce isn't sure how private she would like to remain. I need to look into this, but I don't have her contact info. Maybe after the seance. But, you're right, that is the BIG news of this seance.