Thursday, October 24, 2013

7 days of FREE Houdini books from The Conjuring Arts Research Center

The amazing Conjuring Arts Research Center in New York is offering a very special 7-day "Houdini Palooza" to end the month of October. Here are the details:

FREE Houdini Book PDFs
50% Off Everything Houdini! 
To end Magic Month we have decided to honor the Great Harry Houdini. 
Houdini spent the last 7 days of his life in Grace Hospital and died at 1:26 on Halloween, 1926. 
Starting RIGHT NOW you can download a free Houdini Book each day. Each title will only be available free for 24 hours, starting at 1:26 PM today, Thursday the 24th. 
Each day's book is FREE from 1:26 PM on the day it is offered until 1:26 PM the following day.

The FREE PDFs are:
  • Oct 24th-25th: The Right Way to Do Wrong
  • Oct 25th-26th: Handcuff Secrets
  • Oct 26th-27th: Elliott’s Last Legacy
  • Oct 27th-28th: The Umasking of Robert Houdin
  • Oct 28th-29th: Miracle Mongers and Their Methods
  • Oct 29th-30th: Houdini Exposes...Margery
  • Oct 30th-31st: A Magician Among the Spirits

Also 50% off on all our Houdini products and PDFs until Halloween at 1:26pm.

Head on over to the Conjuring Arts Research Center website and begin to harvest these free Houdini Halloween treats. Don't miss a day!


  1. Do we know who wrote "The Right Way to Do Wrong"? I can't imagine that Houdini himself researched and wrote it, or did he?

  2. This is a wonderful thing to do for those who are interested in Houdini and do not have these books. Thanks you Conjuring Arts and Mr. Kalush.

    Now if they would only release the Don Bell Archives which the Don Bell family gave them assuming the files would be made available for research. They had referred us to them, but we can get no response.

    We have been trying to get to see them for several years now. Hope is still alive here