Saturday, October 5, 2013

Houdini is back in the Daily Mirror

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Houdini made a return to the pages of the UK's Daily Mirror today with this nicely illustrated spread about the famous 1904 Mirror Handcuff Challenge and the dedication of the Houdini plaque at the Hippodrome on Thursday.

Mirror Handcuff expert Mick Hanzlik, who provided the photo above, points out that the article makes several mistakes; including misspelling his name and saying that he owns the Mirror replica (David Copperfield owns both the original and silver replica -- Mick made his own replica).

Nevertheless, it's nice to see that after 109 years, Houdini is still making news in the Mirror.

You can read the online version HERE.

Thanks to Mick Hanzlik.


  1. You would think that somewhere in the Mirror arcives there would be more photos from that day in 1904.

    1. Yeah, you would think. What a wonderful discovery that would be.

  2. Not much of a story. Doesn't touch on any of the issues in the Kalush bio or Hanzlik's pamphlet. The article never broaches the most obvious possibility: The challenge was a planned publicity stunt for the paper and Houdini.

    Houdini couldn't have received that big key in a kiss unless he suctioned it out of Bess' throat.

    1. Yeah, it's not real story, but that's what one gets in the newspapers like the Mirror today -- a superficial and inaccurate puff piece. But a nice layout.